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Dads Meetup in New York, NY

How are you spending your Saturday night on June 16th? If you’re a dad in New York, NY, we hope that you’ll be in attendance to the hottest celebration in the city–Father’s Eve. Whether you’re a step-dad, father of four, dad to be, or maybe just a father figure, join us as we pay tribute to fatherhood and all it’s beautiful, messy, challenging beautiful struggles and triumphs. Bring you’re dad-itude, and we’ll see you there.  

What Is Father’s Eve?

male friends enjoying сonversation on sofa at home
The Father’s Eve tradition began when John Francis invited some friends over to his St. Paul, Minnesota home the night before Father’s Day.  The guys had a few drinks, played some games, talked about dad life, and enjoyed each other’s company. They decided to repeat the event the next year and, from that decision, Father’s Eve was born.  
Each year since 2012, the event has grown. In 2017, 42 cities in three different countries celebrated Father’s Eve. Mr. Francis hopes that the popularity of the night and their mission will continue to rise in coming years.  
It’s a good possibility between the publicity major television networks bring such as NBC and social media awareness on Facebook and many sponsors. This year they’re hoping to gain traction with over 100 markets. Grasp this opportunity and dad-vertise your brand with Father’s Eve.
In addition to providing dads an outlet for fun and fellowship, they also donate any proceeds to charities and nonprofits dedicated to helping fathers in need. They want to give support to single dads and others in need of advocacy.
Father’s Eve has become the ultimate dad’s night out with featured fun and support for fathers of all types.  


Group Male Friends Enjoying Barbeque Together
John established Father’s Eve to give dad’s a time and place to fellowship and unwind. It’s a place you can come to have a good time with the friends you already have and meet new ones. Share stories and advice about fatherhood, eat some good food and play some games. While you’re having a good time, you get to contribute to an incredible cause. You get the opportunity to help dads like you who are in need of assistance.
You spend every day being a leader and provider for your family. You deserve to have a night to yourself.


New York City skyline at dark
There are several Father’s Eve events on June 16th. If you live in or around New York City, there’s one we hope that you’ll attend.
You can find the event at Morningside Park and Harlem Tower. We will celebrate from 4:30 that Saturday afternoon until 11:30 that night. As usual, there will be a toast to the Dads at eight o’clock and many more festive activities.
So far, there are 22 men registered for the Dad’s night out, and we hope that number will increase over the next couple weeks. It is a full access event. That means once you register and get your ticket, you’ll have access to all of the activities at the event.  
Don’t miss out. Get your tickets and join us for a night full of fun activities, games, food, and more.

What You’ll Enjoy

In addition to good company, exquisite food, and manly activities, the Father’s Eve event in NYC will also feature a flag football game. The location of the game is at 112th Morningside Park. Dads can give it their all and get competitive while having a good time.
After the game, the celebration will continue at Harlem Tavern with food, drinks, games, and good company.


young and older father
Father’s Eve welcomes dads from all walks of life. No matter what race, religion, culture, or lifestyle you come from, we welcome you. We want to build a network of events that bring together communities of dads helping each other. Whether you’re 60 years old with grandchildren or 25 and just starting your family, there’s something for everyone at these events. Even if it’s just a conversation with a new friend about the joys and triumphs of fatherhood.
New York City is a melting pot of all kinds of people. We hope that we can bring as much of a diverse group as possible so that we can stimulate more conversation about different perspectives of fatherhood. Maybe someone is struggling with something as a dad. Someone else might have already experienced that obstacle and can advise how to handle it. Or, at the very least, share their story of how they did.  
Father’s Eve is a time for dads of all kinds to enjoy each other’s company.

Other Events

Is NYC not in your area? Is someone you know interested, but they live somewhere else? You can find an event local to you or them. If there are none in that place, you could host your own.
Father’s Eve wants you to experience the fun of the night wherever you are.

Sponsor and Partner

Handshake Business Men
Father’s Eve is always looking for sponsors and partners to help them achieve their goals and contribute towards their mission. As a sponsor, the more people that see your brand, the better. Many events will have hundreds of people in attendance. That means hundreds of people engaging in your brand in person. Help us help you.
We are always looking for new partners to join us in our mission. Some of our partners include Evergreen Content Firm, Dominate With SEO, Sports Clips, Father Project, and more. We want yours to be the newest on that list.  Join us in honoring dads everywhere through a night of relaxation once a year while also contributing to an important cause.
Father’s Eve is a night for dads to relax, fellowship, have a good time, and help others like them. If you’re in or around New York City, then join us for flag football, unbeatable food, drinks, games, good company and more. That is the ultimate place to be if you’re a dad in the city. You work hard to take care of your family, so give yourself a night to relax and register today.

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In 2019 we had 60 events with Dads Celebrating Fathers Eve® all around the USA and Canada too!! This year, enjoy time with old and new friends the night before Father’s Day.

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