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National Son and Daughters Day: Ways to Celebrate your Children

Birthdays Aren’t Enough

Sad little boy with a party hat and a birthday cake
Fatherhood is one of the most critical institutions in the world today. It’s pretty easy to see that something is missing whenever it isn’t present. So, I’m glad that we have a day to celebrate fatherhood. Father’s day and Mother’s day have been observed for years because our society realizes how much this part of the family institution needs to be treasured, cherished, and uplifted.  
We have Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, we celebrate Grandparent’s Day, and don’t forget the birthdays of each. But for the children of the family, are birthdays enough? Should there be a day that celebrates the institution of childhood, innocence, and love for sons and daughters? How about having a National Daughter’s Day?

The Unofficial Holiday    

girl embracing her father outdoor.
There are a lot of unofficial holidays that we celebrate throughout the United States and throughout the world. These holidays seem to either be in protest or in conjunction with official holidays that we observe in a calendar year.
For instance, the day after Valentine’s day is considered National Singles Day. Pi Day (pi = 3.14) is on March fourteenth of every year. Friendship Day is the first Sunday in August. And here is something that you may not know. One of our most popular unofficial holidays is April Fool’s day. Yes, April 1 is not a real holiday, so don’t try to take off work.
All of these holidays mean something, and National Daughter’s Day is no different. It has become something that is celebrated all around the world because there is still a pull for family togetherness and bonding.

Wait? Is it Daughter’s or Son’s or Both?

Father with his two kids on his arms
Good question!  And no, we don’t want the sons to feel left out. The title has nothing to do with a battle of the sexes, or who is better. There is a National Sons and Daughters  Day that is observed on August 11. The two of them are easily confused with one another.
While there is a lot of speculation on how National Daughter’s Day came to be, there are sources that believe that the creation of the day was to eliminate the harsh views and laws centered around the stigma of having a daughter. In many countries, having a daughter was a curse because they would not carry on the family name, they could not contribute to society like their male counterparts, and they were considered weak.
So, no….this is not a fanciful creation nor is it a ‘diss’ on manhood. It is merely a way for us to recognize the importance of family. As a father, the holiday marks a way for you to show love for your daughter.

When do we Celebrate?

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If you’re looking for a set date, well, keep looking. The good thing is National Daughter’s day is celebrated at different times by different countries. The most consistent one is on the fourth Sunday in September.  

Ways to Celebrate

father feeling very lovely while spending time with daughter
As a father, you are the first man in your daughter’s life. Your role is vital in her life. When it comes to the time you get to spend with your daughter, there are great ways of bonding.
Take her on a date. For younger girls, ice creams dates, movies, and honestly, anything Disney related is not only going to win points with her, but it is something that you can enjoy, too.
I know this might be a tough one fellas, but for the older girls, a shopping trip is a big seller. Go on a road trip, especially if she’s old enough to drive. Make a day out of it, and go somewhere special.
An important part is making sure that you express your love for her—not just a girl, but your daughter. Recognize what that means to you as a father and share your hopes and dreams for her.

Why the Poems?

Man hands writing on blank paper on old wooden table bunch of flowers on the table
Have you seen them? Have you heard them? There are a plethora of poems out there dedicated to National Daughter’s Day. You can search the internet and find a number of them.
In the United Kingdom and Europe, this holiday is celebrated a bit more overtly than in the U.S. While all of the activities mentioned before are great; over the sea, the National Daughter’s Day, and the week leading up to it, is filled with parties, elaborate gifts, and poems, and quotes of well-wishes.
Along with that, you will find the social media hashtags flow freely throughout the internet with #nationaldaughtersday or #daughtersday being the popular ones.  

Why is it Important?

Father childred enjoying 3D movie in cinema theater
Fatherhood is a precious gift. All throughout history, we see that having a son is a revered thing. Sons are always seen with pride and joy because they carry on the family name. But daughters, however, are too often regarded as a burden and something that will eventually be given away. A daughter will leave the family to take care of another.
Let’s celebrate the beauty of the family. Let’s recognize the value in our sons and our daughters. The institution of the family can be very broken when it comes to father/daughter relationships, and this brokenness will affect the daughter’s future relations with her own family someday.  
It’s important because, as a father, you are the standard. You set the bar. That is a beautiful and honorable position to be holding.

At Fathers EveⓇ, We Want To Support Fatherhood

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We realize that being a father is a great joy and a great necessity for our culture and society. We are about uplifting and supporting dads all around the world as you strive to be the best that you can be for your family. Whether you are a stay-at-home dad, a single dad, or honorary dad, we’ve got your back.
We invite you to join us for events that may come up around you, and we offer a number of resources and information on our website  We believe that Fatherhood is a team sport; so, let us be there for you so you can be there for them.

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