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Fathers Day Ideas and Activities That Dads Love

How do you celebrate that special dad in your life? Or, as a dad, how do you like to celebrate? There are many ways to celebrate fatherhood that are fun and unique. Whether your dad enjoys golfing, hunting, sports, relaxing, painting, boating, or something in between, there is a great way to celebrate him.

DIY Gifts

Happy Father's Day Concept. Child Daughter Hiding Surprise Postcard Present for Her Dad.
When it comes to dad, a homemade gift can be extraordinary. We are not talking about macaroni necklaces or finger-painted pictures; we are talking about creative and useful presents.

  • Do It Yourself Basket:  What is dad interested in doing? If your dad likes grilling, why not put together a basket with grilling utensils, some homemade barbeque sauce, homemade seasoning packets, and an apron decorated or designed by his kiddos who will be enjoying his grilling? Does dad like movies? How about a basket with a classic film everyone will love, as well as his favorite snacks? You can put together a DIY basket for just about any interest your dad might have. Many of these will allow you to do an activity together on the day of, as well.
  • Music or art: If dad is sentimental, why not write him a song? Get the kiddos involved and record it for posterity (or laughs down the road.) Or, put the kids’ handprints on a mug or plate. Every morning when dad drinks his coffee, he will see his progeny and be proud. It will be nice to look back and remember how small they were.
  • Build Something: There are many things you can build for dad, or build them together with dad! Corn-hole boards painted with his favorite team logo is a lasting gift that will get lots of use. A quick trip to your favorite hardware store will get you all you need. While you’re there, pick up some PVC pipe and paint and you can make your own ladder ball yard game! You might have to purchase the balls online but decorate the actual ladders however you want.

Day of Activities

Father,son and grandfather fishing
When it comes to the actual day, make it special.

  • Does dad like to sleep in in the morning? Make him breakfast in bed! Some dads are early risers and might enjoy that time in the kitchen with the family. If this is the case, prep everything for dad ahead of time so there is less work in the morning.
  • Schedule an activity for dad. Is he a golfer? Schedule him a tee time. Splurge at an excellent course that he wouldn’t go to on his own. Buy him a new, high-performance polo shirt. Make it special.
  • Enjoy your homemade gifts! Did you build a yard game for dad? Make time to play it. Get out of the house together and enjoy the summer day.
  • If the weather is nice, go for a hike or bike ride. Do some research ahead of time and find a new trail that the whole family can enjoy. Make sure to pack some tasty snacks and drinks to enjoy during your outing.
  • Is your dad more into relaxing? Why don’t you plan a day of good food and television for him to enjoy? Stock the pantry with his favorite foods and make sure the remote has fresh batteries and give him free reign of the tv with the solemn promise of no distractions or complaining when you have watched “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” for the second time…
  • Even better than a relaxing day of movies and eating, book dad a massage. Drive him there, so he doesn’t have to lift a finger.
  • Plan a river trip! Maybe you live near a slow-moving, tubing river? Perhaps whitewater rapids are more your speed? Grab your towels and sunscreen and get to the water!
  • The ultimate dad activity–fishing! Plan and buy him some new lures, or a useful fishing vest. Scout the fishing reports for him and pick the optimal spot. Plan ahead and even have everything on hand you will need to cook the fish that evening. Butter? Check. Lemon pepper? Check. Foil? Check. You’re ready.
  • Maybe dad would enjoy something kid free? Send him for a beer or whiskey tasting. He will learn more about his favorite drink and have a fun afternoon. Or, do some research and talk to the guys at a liquor store and buy a couple of options for him to do his tasting at home. No drinking and driving is a gift he will appreciate!
  • Do you have the whole weekend free to celebrate the greatest dad ever? Plan a camping trip! You can take the work out of dad’s hands by finding the place, planning the food, and gathering everything you need. Load the car and tell dad to get in!

Activities for Later

Man showing off football tickets.
Maybe what you want to plan for dad can’t happen on Fathers Day. That’s ok. If you think your dad will enjoy something but it can’t happen on Fathers Day plan it anyway and find a way to gift him with a “notice” of what is to come!

Get him tickets to an event that takes place on another day. Maybe there’s a concert coming to town that you know he would love. Or perhaps a car show is coming up. Maybe he would be ecstatic to go to a football game to watch his favorite team in the fall. Plan the activity for him, and give him a coupon or “I owe you” on Fathers Day, so he knows what is coming his way.

No matter what you plan, the most important thing is showing dad you appreciate him Be sure he knows he’s the best dad and he’s worth celebrating.
One last excellent gift idea, tell your dad about Fathers EveⓇ! Fathers Eve is a community devoted to dads of all kinds! Their goal is to celebrate dads with a special event on the eve of Fathers Day. Help your dad join in solidarity with dads across the country the night before his day. Dads deserve more than one day, give him the night before, too.

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In 2019 we had 60 events with Dads Celebrating Fathers Eve® all around the USA and Canada too!! This year, enjoy time with old and new friends the night before Father’s Day.

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