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The Magic of a Father Daughter Dance

Do you remember that moment in the movies where the daughter walks down the stairs, radiantly smiling in a beautiful dress, and the camera zooms in on the proud dad? We definitely do. And it gives us all the feels.
We all secretly long for that moment. We wait in anticipation for when we get to see our daughter walk down the stairs, looking triumphant, and all dressed up like the strong, beautiful princess she is.
Father-daughter dances have become increasingly popular, filling young girls all over the country with excitement and joy, and giving dads an overwhelming amount of pride. The magic of a daddy-daughter dance creates a special bond between father and daughter and the positive impact it can have on your relationship is immeasurable.
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Why It’s Special for her

It is no secret that most girls love to dress up. And especially when girls are young, they see their fathers or father figures as superheroes. We can do no wrong in their eyes. So when you combine getting all dolled up and spending time with one of your favorite people, it’s bound to be a blast.
The anticipation of it also makes it that much more special. Some elementary schools and community centers that put on father-daughter dances also create beautiful invitations and go all out with the decor. Building up anticipation makes daughters feel more excited about the event.
You can put it on a calendar and mark it off with your daughter each day. On the day of the dance, give her a call before you get out of work or while you’re running errands to let her know how excited you are about your date. This simple act will mean the world to her.  
The anticipation kicks the night up a notch when it comes to the magic factor because the big production will make it seem all the more special. If this is the first time your little girl has ever been to a dance, the lights, the sounds, and the decor will make a lasting impact.  

Showing Her Your Love

And most importantly, this dance will mean the world to her because it shows her that you are interested in doing fun things with her and that she is worthy of your love and attention.
In this day and age of cell phones, crazy schedules, and societal pressures to provide financially, it can be hard for us dads to find time to be with our kids. But at the end of the day, if we want to have lasting relationships with our daughters, we have to be intentional about spending time with them.
A father daughter-dance provides the perfect, fun opportunity.
You may not be the most excellent dancer, you may not have any interest in the latest pop music they will probably be playing at the dance, but just being there is enough. Clearing that schedule so you can make it shows her you care.

One-on-One Time

father lifting daughter in the air
If you have more than one child or have been around larger groups of children, you know that children act differently when they are one-on-one with you.
When life gets busy and hectic, it can get hard to spend time only with your child and no one else, especially if you have more than one kiddo. The father-daughter dance is a fantastic opportunity to connect with your little girl and to have more in-depth conversations that you might not be able to have all of the time.
For example, you might have a daughter who is quiet when surrounded by her siblings but blossoms and is quite talkative when she is one-on-one with you. Having that time to hear her out and find out what’s going on in her life is invaluable. You might learn something about her you didn’t know.

Lasting Memories

Make sure to take your camera. A father-daughter dance is a perfect place to make lasting memories. Part of the charm of having these daddy-daughter moments is that you can remember them fondly for years to come.
We are trying to raise confident, strong, happy young ladies. It is our responsibility to create opportunities for their self-confidence to grow, for them to have fun, and to know how special they are to us.

Do Your Homework

Want to look like a real hero while you’re at the daddy-daughter dance? Find out her favorite songs and learn to dance to them. If there is a specific dance craze that is sweeping her school, try learning it. This effort is guaranteed to make your time fun, silly, and memorable.
Maybe by the end of the night, you two will have some special daddy-daughter dance songs that you can enjoy for years to come.
If she has a favorite flower, and you want to give her a gift, find out what it is and bring her a bouquet or corsage.

This Dance Will Change Your Life

Father spinning daughter and dancing
You might walk into this thinking that the dance is more for your daughter and that she is going to have the time of her life. But be prepared for this dance to change your perspective on fatherhood as well.
The irresistibility of a father-daughter dance is that the memories you make there will fuel your paternal fire to remind you what an important role you play.
Being a dad can be tough, and there are so many things we are juggling every day. But you can hold on to these daddy-daughter memories when things get tough. They will be memories that can bring you back to what matters most: your family.

Fathers EveⓇ Knows Father-Daughter Dances

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