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New Frontier in Parenting: Changing Tables in Men’s Bathrooms

It’s every dad’s worst nightmare. You’re out and about with the baby, and suddenly you realize your baby desperately needs a new diaper. You rush to find the nearest restroom, only to find there is no bathroom changing table. A man changing diapers is certainly not a rarity, so why are changing tables in the men’s bathrooms still so few and far between?
Dads often take an active role in their children’s lives. The days of dad handing a stinky baby over to mom for diaper changing are long gone. Dads are just as hands-on as moms and should be able to change their babies just as easily. Without a bathroom changing table in the men’s restroom, dads are left using the ground, a table, or wherever they can find a flat surface to take care of their baby.
At Fathers Eve we love celebrating dads and helping them make the connections they need to feel supported. Raising awareness for issues fathers face is something we have been passionate about since our beginning in 2012. From connecting dads to local playgroups and support systems, to fundraising each Fathers Eve for dads who need advocacy, we are here to promote fathers everywhere. When it comes to changing tables in the men’s restroom, we understand the inconvenience and stress when they aren’t available.

No Changing Table Means Big Hassle

You might be wondering what the big deal is when it comes to not having a changing table in the men’s restroom. You might assume that dads can find somewhere else to get their babies clean. Unfortunately, alternative options for changing tables are inconvenient.
Changing tables provide a useful surface to clean up your little one. They are safe and handy, as you can have all of your supplies readily available. Changing tables are also a more sanitary surface than the ground. They are easy to clean before use or to add on a disposable changing pad or blanket in case you worry about germs. You’ll be able to stand up comfortably while changing your baby and won’t have to worry about hunching over, sitting, or squatting on the ground.
If you’ve never experienced the inconvenience of not having access to a changing table, you might take them for granted. Having to locate another option for taking care of your baby is a hassle and can take extra time, add stress to your outing, and make for a cranky baby. Heading back to your vehicle might be an option, but it is not always convenient or accessible. There aren’t many choices if you can’t find a bathroom changing table.

A Single Father’s Dilemma

Any father can find himself facing a dilemma when out and about with his little one. However, a single dad might be at a more significant disadvantage. Single dads are often on their own when shopping, playing, or on any type of outing with their baby. There isn’t a mom available to make use of the fully-equipped women’s restroom when the men’s room comes up lacking.  
Single dads often find themselves needing to think outside of the box when trying to find somewhere to rediaper their baby. If they’re out shopping with the baby in tow, and the men’s room doesn’t have a changing table, they are forced to head back to their car or find another place.

Seeing the Shift

Fortunately, many businesses are starting to realize the need for changing tables in men’s restrooms and are making the shift. Recognizing that moms aren’t the only parent willing or able to change a diaper, let alone the only parent available, is a big step for equality.
Whether a public park, zoo, shopping center, or restaurant, places of business are beginning to introduce changing tables in the men’s bathrooms. Access to changing tables makes it so much easier to be an active and involved father. Without the worry and stress of searching for a useable spot for diaper needs, outings are more enjoyable and relaxing.
It might seem silly that including a bathroom changing table in the men’s room is even a topic of discussion. Something that should be commonplace is instead a new and innovative idea. While dads find it exciting to discover a business that has a changing table in the bathroom, it should be standard, just as it is in the women’s restrooms.

Enjoy Your Time Away

Knowing that facilities are available wherever you go makes your outing more convenient and enjoyable. You won’t be surprised by the challenge of coming up with plan B when you realize you can’t clean up your little one easily in the restroom.
As a dad, you want to be able to take your baby with you on errands, play dates, and new adventures. Having access to a changing table makes all of those special moments convenient. You can spend your day out and about packing around your baby without the interruptions and dilemma of a diaper change.

Fathers Eve – Celebrating Fathers

Fathers not only play an essential role in their children’s lives but often meet with inequality and lack of support. Whether it’s running into diaper changing dilemmas or not being able to find a dads playgroup, sometimes being a father can seem more challenging than it should be.

Fathers Eve is an annual event that promotes advocacy and support for fathers all over. Join other dads in your area and meet new friends, make more connections, and learn about opportunities for dads at this fantastic event. Fathers Eve celebrates dads every year the night before Father’s Day. You can find a local gathering to attend or even host your own. Not only is Fathers Eve time for fun and camaraderie, but it is also a fabulous way to raise funds for support groups and advocacy for dads. Whether it includes a formal dinner or small get together for appetizers, Fathers Eve is a special time for dads to come together.

Fatherhood is a team sport. Grab your best dad friends and attend or host a Fathers Eve event this year. You won’t regret reaching out and meeting other dads just like you in your hometown.

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In 2019 we had 60 events with Dads Celebrating Fathers Eve® all around the USA and Canada too!! This year, enjoy time with old and new friends the night before Father’s Day.

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