Fatherhood is a Team Sport

Everywhere | June 20, 2020 @ 8PM

FathersEve® 2020 is June 20,

Celebrate the night before Father’s Day.
Please check our social media and join us and share with your friends…. See you at Fathers Eve!

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As every guy who’s ever played on a team knows, you play better when you play together. So in 2012, we chose the night before Father’s Day to celebrate being dads together. We had such a great time, we’re inviting more dads. Join us this Fathers Eve for games, stories, music, food and laughs. We’ll support a good cause as we celebrate one of the most amazing experiences in a man’s life.

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Counting Down to Fathers Eve 2020

JOIN US and celebrate Fathers Eve in 2020! We're growing every year!

In 2019 we had 60 events with Dads Celebrating Fathers Eve ® all around the USA and Canada too!! This year, enjoy time with old and new friends the night before Father’s Day.

Dads celebrated Fathers Eve

If you join us for a large Fathers Eve event, your ticket and auction purchases contribute to a donation to our 2019 charity partners.

2018 Family Blog Awards winner!

Father’s Eve is nominated for “Best Father Blog” presented by Family Living Today. This is an amazing accomplishment. We’re proud of all the hard work that went into promoting Fathers, Father’s Day, and celebrating Dad everywhere around this great country.

Thank you for your support!


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