About Fathers Eve

Fathers Eve® is all about Celebrating Dads  EVERYWHERE.   Fathers Eve is always held the night before Father’s Day. It’s an opportunity for fathers, step-fathers, fathers to-be, and any father figures out there to get together and celebrate the Brotherhood of Fatherhood.

The Fathers Eve Mission

This night is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of fatherhood and raise funds for non-profit agencies that support dads. In the last four years Fathers Eve raised over $35,000!  The money goes for a GREAT cause, helping at-home dads, single dads, and other dads needing support and advocacy. The dads that attend have a chance to relax, share fatherhood stories, learn from each other and just have a great time. We celebrate with a toast “To the Dads” at 8 pm local time.

People at the (Saint Paul MN) event will have the chance to win a raffle, play games with “manly” prizes, eat some awesome food, and try their hand at Hammerschlagen!

FE New York 2018
Mr. John Francis & Family

Our Founder

Mr. John Francis is the founder of Fathers Eve.  In 2012 John and some of his friends started Fathers Eve in his St. Paul, MN garage.  Within a few short years it has become a meaningful “Dads Night Out” event in almost 50 cities! Not only is a fun night out but it’s a chance to network with other dads learning new parenting tips and meeting new people.  A quote from Mr. John Francis, “The greatest part of the event is connecting guys that didn’t know each other before but left the event as friends.”

FE Los Angeles 2018

Order Tickets Online or HOST your own Party

Fathers Eve will be held on June 15th, 2019 EVERYWHERE.   Don’t miss out on this once a year event.  Sign up to get an email reminder about upcoming events next year.

This is an event you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!

What? Not an event near you? If Fathers Eve is not held in a city near you, you may consider starting an event yourself.  Why not! The leg work has already been done, the model has been built.  You can have a huge blow out party or just a small chill group in your garage.  It’s completely up to you.  Check out the Fathers Eve Host Guidebook and Checklist.

Why? Because Fatherhood is a TEAM SPORT!  Where will YOU be on Fathers Eve?

Contact Information

If you are interested is hosting a Fathers Eve ® event or have a question feel free to e-mail or call our

Founding Father, Mr. John Francis. He is always happy to discuss Fathers Eve!



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