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A Special Father’s Eve Deal For Dad2.0

In the ever-changing world of parenting, the perception and reality of fatherhood are evolving at a rapid pace. For many dads, gone are the days of office jobs with set hours. Gone are the water cooler chats with coworkers and beers after work with the guys. Gone is the notion that dads aren’t involved in their children’s lives or don’t make household decisions. Rather than weekly poker games or rounds of golf, today’s dads may spend their time working in the garden or finishing DIY projects at home.
Many dads now work remotely for their employers while others own online companies or work from home as freelance bloggers, writers, and consultants. It is now standard for fathers to be heavily involved in decisions for the home and in their children’s activities. Consequently, they often seek work that is flexible and can fit better into the life of a family.  
Today’s dads bake cookies for the team bake sale and go to parent-teacher conferences. They chaperone for field trips and do the household grocery shopping. And contrary to the hilarious images that the 80s movie Mr. Mom gave us, they can do it with competence.
Father and son having fun

Dad Connections

As all of these fatherhood changes continue to develop, dads can feel uncertain in their morphing societal roles. They can feel marginalized and set adrift as they navigate multiple roles with no guidebook in place.
Moms seemingly have it easy in the connection department. They quickly make new mom friends at gymnastics classes, at the coffee shop, and at school functions. Mothers appear to flow into new relationships centered around their children seamlessly and can leave the neighborhood park with four new contacts in their phones and playdates lined up for the next two weeks. Friends seem to fall in their laps.
But for dads, it often proves to be a little trickier. Most fathers are now trying to juggle their roles as both a breadwinner and a dad-of-the-year nominee. Many are in the stay-at-home role. Many stay at home and work full time running their businesses. Finding natural ways to meet other fathers is a daunting task for a lot of dads.
So in this world, how do dads connect? Where do they meet up? How do they make and maintain friendships with other dads who understand the challenges of fatherhood? How do they network and grow their businesses?
Father’s Eve founder and CEO, John Francis, had the opportunity to see all of these questions addressed when he attended this year’s Dad2.0 Summit in New Orleans, Lousiana.

Dad2.0 Summit

special Dad2.0 summit San Antonio TX
Dad2.0 was founded by two fathers who wanted to create a forum for dads to connect and grow in the changing world of fatherhood. As perceptions, ideas, and roles evolve, Dad2.0 specifically serves fathers who want to grow their online presence, develop their blogging and digital marketing careers, or build their personal brand and voice. It connects marketers and social media experts with those who need their expertise. It seeks to give the modern dad a voice in a new world. And even though “dad” is in the name, Dad2.0 welcomes moms, too.
This year was the third year that John Francis was able to attend the Dad2.0 Summit, and he has grown from each event. He thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many different dads, all uniquely experiencing the fatherhood journeys. John appreciated the opportunity to connect with social media marketers and online brand builders. And most important, he saw the power of dads connecting with each other as they navigate fatherhood in their own ways.
The first year he attended, JF made connections and started relationships that helped build and expand his brand. The second year, JF felt better prepared and more confident in continuing to develop those relationships. In his third year attending, JF discovered that others knew of him and his Father’s Eve work. The brand and the connections had grown and deepened.

A Special Father’s Eve Offer

special 169 Fathers Eve deal for Dad 2.0
John Francis gained so much from his time at Dad2.0, he’s already planning to attend next year’s event, and he wants all the Father’s Eve subscribers and readers to reap the same benefit. That’s why Father’s Eve is excited to offer its readers the chance to purchase tickets for 2019’s Dad2.0 Summit at the lowest price available.
The 2019 event will take place in beautiful San Antonio, TX, February 21-23. This event promises to help you connect and network as you build your business and your brand. It is a premier event that Father’s Eve readers won’t want to miss. The ticket price is regularly $199, but following this link will allow readers to register for the low price of $169. That is the lowest price of the year, so treat yourself or another fantastic dad to a tremendous experience.
Attendees will enjoy empowering speakers, expert panels, exhibitors, vendors, and great food, not to mention the fun of being in San Antonio. Cervezas on the riverwalk, anyone? Any dads who are ready to level up their fatherhood and business games will love this event. A Dad2.0 Summit registration is a perfect last-minute Father’s Day gift that could make all the difference in a dad’s life, so make your reservation today.

The Fatherhood Movement

Father’s Eve and Dad2.0 are committed to the fatherhood movement that is underway and growing in the United States and throughout the world. There is a clear need for fathers to have avenues for developing both personal and professional relationships. There is a need for men in all stages of parenting to have access to networking and support.
New dads, single dads, adoptive dads, stepdads, and uncles serving in a dad role, will all benefit from this movement. Father’s Eve and Dad2.0 are honored to partner with you in the amazing, humbling life of being a dad. After all, fatherhood doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Dads need a village too.

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In 2019 we had 60 events with Dads Celebrating Fathers Eve® all around the USA and Canada too!! This year, enjoy time with old and new friends the night before Father’s Day.

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